A letter for my friend_给朋友的一封信英语作文150字

Dear Jane,

Hardly could I hold back my excitement when I heard that you will come to China. And I'm very glad that you choose me as your guide. The first place I will show you around my city.

At first, I will waitting for you at the airport. Then I take you to the famous visits of my city. At the following tour, you can see some beautiful scenery. Such as, beautiful landscapes, primitive architecture, characteristic local conditions and customs and so on. The second, I think you are serious about the Chinese food. So I will take you to enjoy the local food. You can have the steam, fry, stew…various dishes. I'm sure that you can't forget their flavour.In the end, we can go to the shopping center to buy some souvenirs for your friends and families.

What do you think for my plan? Do you have other suggestions? I am looking forward to your reply.


Li hua